Natural mineral water

The article contains sections titled: 1 Introduction : 1.1 Drinking Water / 1.2 Importance of Hydration / 2 History / 3 Economic / 4 Definitions and Regulations / 4.1 European Union / 4.2 United States of America / 4.3 Codex Alimentarius 5 Bottling References

characteristics of patients with knee and or hip osteoarthritis undergoing spa treatment the prospective Khoala cohort study

Knee and hip osteoarthritis (KHOA) are a source of functional impairment. With aging, the management of osteoarthritis (OA) is a major issue in the search for improved quality of life. Spa treatment provides short- and mid-term symptom relief without serious side effects. This study aimed to identify characteristics of patients with KHOA associated with use of spa treatment.

The 7th University of Thermalism

This 7th Université du Thermalisme is a virtual international gathering celebrating a very special occasion: the centenary of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (Ismh), founded on December 9, 1921 by the Royal Society of Medicine.

Study of the demography of the thermal doctors by questionnaire addressed to the thermal establishments

Following the example of the Observatoire économique des stations thermales created in 2018 by the Fédération thermale et climatique française (Ftcf), in partnership with the Association nationale des maires de communes thermales (Anmct) and the Conseil national des établ- sements thermaux (Cneth), the Société française de médecine thermale (Sfmth) has decided to launch a survey to map the spa's physicians.

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