University of Lorraine

With a presence in two metropolitan areas as well as 10 cities and towns in its territory, the University of Lorraine puts all its energy into producing and sharing knowledge.

Nancy University Hospital

The Nancy Regional University Hospital is a reference in the Grand Est region and provides local and referral care on a daily basis.

Métropole Grand Nancy

At the heart of the Grand Est region and a catchment area of 434,000 inhabitants, the Metropole of Greater Nancy is located 1.5 hours from Paris by TGV.

Sheltered by

ID+ Lorraine Foundation

The ID+ Lorraine Foundation, created by decree on October 7, 2021 as a scientific cooperation foundation, aims to develop scientific excellence in Lorraine.


Faculty of Medicine Maieutics and Health Professions, Nancy

The Faculty of Medicine, Maieutics and Health Professions is a place for the dissemination of health knowledge, work and cultural production, a breeding ground for experience and creation in the medical field.

Virtual Hospital of Nancy

Allows any healthcare professional to reproduce situations or care environments, to teach diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and to simulate decision making.

Laboratory of Medical Hydrology and Climatology

The Nancy Hydrology Laboratory contributes to improving the sanitary quality of water intended for human consumption, natural mineral water and recreational water.


National Council of Thermal Establishments

groups together all the French thermal establishments. Its vocation is to work, in coherence with the public authorities, for the improvement and a better recognition of the thermal medicine.

Agence Régionale de Santé Grand Est

The Regional Health Agency is responsible for the regional management of the health system. It defines and implements health policy in the region as closely as possible to the needs of the population.

French Society of Thermal Medicine

Our essential function is to develop the study of the influence of mineral waters and climates on human health and to make it known.

Department of Meurthe et Moselle

The departmental council is a local authority, like the commune and the regional council. Its field of action is the department.

European Federation of Nursing Educators

Its mission is to promote excellence in nursing education and the development and maintenance of nursing educators’ skills

Grand Est Region

The Regional Administration is responsible for preparing and implementing the decisions taken by the Regional Councillors.

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