Social representations of the general population of Greater Nancy on the concept of environmental well-being in a spa context. Acronym: Therm’envie

Published on 8 December 2023




Thermal and climatic press 2022


The aim of the Thermenvie research project is to assess the social representations of the general population of Grand-Nancé on the concept of environmental well-being in the context of the creation of the Nancy thermal center and the forthcoming opening of a spa in the area. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to the general public via social networks. There were 180 participants, of all ages, mostly women (83%). A manual and automatic content analysis of the responses was performed. It confirms the interaction between spa treatments, health, well-being and the environment, converging towards a holistic representation of spa treatments and the consideration of health as a determinant of the interaction between health and the environment. Among the most original representations, we observe that for the under 25s, the spa treatment is associated with old age, that the air occupies an important place for the over 45s and that the garden is associated with the spa context. These results open up a number of avenues for reinforcing or modifying the way in which the spa is represented in the Greater Nancy area: communications and appeal to younger people by rejuvenating the image of the spa, concrete achievements to improve the quality of the air we breathe, and the development of gardens in spa areas.

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