Auditions open for thermal agent training course

Published on 21 September 2023

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Auditions to select candidates for the thermal agent training course are now open!

This 4-month sandwich course is scheduled to start in February 2024.

Training content

Skill 1: Carries out spa treatments prescribed by the doctor, in compliance with the spa's treatment protocols.
Anatomy and physiology, pathology and spa treatments, spa techniques and practices (baths, showers, mud, special treatments).

Skill 2: Transmission of information and organization of work within a multi-professional team.
Multi-professional teamwork: different departments, information flow.

Skill 3: Communication adapted to the different types of curists welcomed to the spa.
Welcoming curists and providing them with information: the importance of a warm welcome.

Skill 4: Accompanying patients during spa treatments, using preventive handling techniques and safety rules.
Safety gestures and postures: effects of handling, safety principles, risk analysis... First aid: protection, warning, intervention.

Skill 5: Implements cabin and spa equipment maintenance techniques specific to the spa establishment.
Hygiene in spas: definition, constraints, risks.


Learning objectives :
At the end of the course, learners will be able to :

  • Welcome and inform curists using appropriate communication techniques,
  • Adapt to the curist's abilities and autonomy,
  • Apply and comply with health and safety protocols,
  • Implement the spa treatments for which it is responsible,
  • Working in a multidisciplinary team

This is a 4-month sandwich course.

Profession Agent thermal

The thermal agent takes care of curists in thermal care units.
He or she delivers spa treatments, with the exception of those that must be administered by healthcare professionals, and assists spa guests in the spa treatments they carry out independently.

Prerequisites :
Good communication and relationship-building skills.
Good physical stamina, able to work standing up in a hot, humid and sometimes noisy environment.
Accept the conditions of the job: staggered working hours, holidays and weekends...

Recommended before starting training:
If you have no knowledge of the spa environment, we strongly advise you to do a work placement in a spa to confirm your career plans.

The selection :
Application (2-page cover letter and detailed CV) to be sent to
IFAS du CHRU 29, av. De Lattre De Tassigny CO 60034 -54035 NANCY CEDEX
Motivational interview

Dates to remember:
Registration: opening in September 2023.
ORAUX interviews: January 9-10 and February 6-8, 2023.

The teaching team

A teaching team attached to the Nancy University Hospital with qualified teachers in the field of thermalism and research:

  • University professor of medicine and psychology,
  • Healthcare managers,
  • Physiotherapists,
  • Thermal agents,
  • Experienced training supervisors...

Estimated cost

The cost of the full course is €3, 100 for 463 hours of training:

  • 213 hours of theoretical instruction,
  • 75 hours of guided personal work,
  • 175 hours of training

Accessible via CPF, OPCO funding, personal funding, regional funding...
A success rate close to 100%
*If you have a disability, please contact the number below.
Information and contact: / 03 83 85 16 72

For more information, please refer to the document below.

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