Thermal medicine in France and Morocco: a cross-section of experts’ views

Thermal medicine is defined as all the medical knowledge and practices relating to the use of thermal products and all the health education and care activities provided in spas.

Thermal spas are positioned as a multi-faceted destination, integrating preventive and curative health and tourism.

The aim of the Second Franco-Moroccan Thermal Spa Conference is to optimize and strengthen this approach through a cross-fertilization of expertise and experience from both countries.

In France

With 770 springs, i.e. 20% of Europe’s spa capital, France is the country with the largest number of medical spas.
In 2023, over 450,000 people underwent a medical spa treatment.
There are 9 spa resorts in the Grand Est region.
This activity represents over 11,500 direct jobs.

In Morocco

Morocco has more than 117 thermal springs spread over 6 thermal zones: North-East, South Rif, Central Rif, Middle Atlas, High Atlas, Anti-Atlas and Sahara. More than 50% of these springs belong to the Rif and South Rif zones, and only 29 sites are listed.
Of these 29 sites, only 6 are thermal baths in the true sense of the word.

Thermal spa medicine: a socially responsible approach

Thermal baths are now proving their worth, particularly in the treatment of chronic pathologies, considerably improving patients’ quality of life.

Comprehensive, holistic care, conducive to the development of therapeutic education

It’s responsible medicine, because it respects the community’s resources.

Its economic value, as measured by the reduction in the consumption of health care goods and services after the cure, has been demonstrated, particularly in terms of the reduction in drug consumption.

An ancient discipline at the service of a renewed vision of spa medicine

In France, training in thermal medicine has been available for many years (attestation d’étude, then capacité d’hydrologie, climatologie médicale and finally D.I.U Pratiques Médicales en Milieu Thermal for doctors and, since 2017, the D.U Santé et Thermalisme for healthcare professionals), so it seems essential to pursue efforts in teaching and research, pooling Franco-Moroccan skills in terms of both students and teachers.

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