Pre-registration for the University Diploma in Health and Thermalism will open on June 1, 2024, with the course starting in February 2025.

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Target audiences :

This diploma is open to all healthcare professionals authorized to work in a spa. Other non-healthcare staff: psychologists, fitness professionals, managers. All professionals interested in thermal medicine or in working in a spa as an employee or freelancer, or simply all professionals wishing to acquire skills in the field of thermalism.

Pedagogical objectives:

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to deliver training on the benefits of spa medicine to patients.
  • Mobilize your knowledge and skills within a spa establishment.

The skills repository :

  • Mobilize the scientific concepts of medical hydrology and climatology to access the most current issues in crenobalneotherapy,
  • Mobilize the basics of the physiology of the major functions to analyze a health issue in the context of spa treatments,
  • Select and apply theoretical tools to make the results of studies your own,
  • Identify and understand the basics of treatment with natural mineral water and derived products,
  • Understand the definitions of health and identify the factors that influence it,
  • Identify experimental approaches to the major challenges of environmental medicine,
  • Mobilize the content of social legislation on spa treatments,
  • Know the characteristics of a spa establishment and the regional, national and international structures linked to the spa industry,
  • Know the characteristics of natural mineral waters and their legislation,
  • Identify the environmental issues related to the spa industry and learn about risk management measures,
  • Operational techniques for implementing communication processes within spa establishments and their social environment,
  • Understand the main principles of scientific research in the spa industry.

Training content :

  • UE1 : Foundations of thermalism: hydrology, climatology and crenotherapy
  • UE2 : Spa environment and organization
  • UE3: Health and Safety
  • UE4: Human-environment interactions and communication elements
  • Optional UE5 (open to all) : Adapted physical and sports activities and health
  • Optional UE6 (physiotherapists only) : Practicing physiotherapy in natural mineral water
  • Optional UE7 (dental surgeons only) : Odontology, oral pathologies and thermalism elements
  • Optional UE8 (open to all) : Advanced clinical research and environment
  • UE internship: Spa internship (35 hours)

Teaching assessment :

  • Final exam lasting one hour, covering all units.
  • Oral presentation of written work.
  • Assessment of internship through attendance and a free internship report by tutors

Training course from February to June 2024 with a presentation of the work September October 2024


Prices do not include university fees, which will be added according to the level of training:

  • Initial training: €360
  • Self-financed continuing education: €450
  • Continuing education paid for by employer: €900

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